you need at least 6000 followers to be considered a cult leader

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throwback to when miley cyrus followed me

therearewolvesintheforest: whens the next season of MPGIS?

im not affiliated with the official tmpgis folks *DISCREETLY NODS TOWARD SIDEBAR* *SHAKES MY HEAD* *WALKS AWAY*

i think i messed up on my french in that last post lmao thank u 3 years of french class

Anonymous: I made out with a boy in a closet naked in like 2nd grade.

on second thought do NOT send me stories

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only 90’s kids remember the old admin

slipperyslimy: Funny story? Okay. Someone on tumblr posted 'sexually frustrated' in Japanese. I thought I'd be funny and put it on my binder and see how many people in school would know what it was or ask. This one girl walked over and asked what it was. I went on this huge rant about how it meant hope. After that, she wanted me to write it on her arm and I did. Her group of friends wanted it too. Long story short, there is a group of 15 girls walking around with 'sexually frustrated' on them during school.


you are my inspiration

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